On Demond Network

Fixed network access



10G PON solution helps operators keep boosting bandwidth and promoting the fiber-in-copper-out process. Suits diverse scenarios including HSI, big video, enterprise applications, and mobile backhaul. Meets the networks’ deployment and evolution requirements in the next five years.

Combo PON

ZTE’s industry-first Combo PON solution eliminates the troubles and challenges that operators face in traditional GPON to 10G PON(XG-PON/XGS-PON) upgrade solutions. It allows for economical, rapid and on-demand 10G PON deployment in both greenfield and brownfield.

FTTx on-demand Solution

ZTE FTTx on-demand solution is mainly based on hybrid optical and copper platform products which support comprehensive broadband and narrow-band service access. With years of enriched experience and technology expertise in the copper and fiber access sector, ZTE has organically combined the copper and fiber access technologies into FTTx on-demand solution, by introducing VDSL2 vectoring, 35b vectoring, G.fast, GPON, 10G PON etc. ever-developed technologies to shorten the time to market (TTM) and cut the CAPEX.

FTTx Solution

FTTx solution helps operators build broadband access network for full-service operation. It offers multi-service and multi-scenario access, high bandwidth, carrier-class reliability and easy OAM, which fully protects operators’ investments and enhances the value of the operators’ FTTx networks.

贵州快3Hybrid Fiber&Copper Solution

Big video has been driving FBB to speed up towards 100M+, 1G or even 1G+, meanwhile operators are increasingly paying more attention to the TCO, TTM and sustainability of the emerging solutions that enable faster access.ZTE’s hybrid fiber&copper solution reuses the existing infrastructure to lower TCO, simplify deployment to shorten TTM, and provide a sustainable and future-proof solution supporting smooth migration from copper-only access to a fiber-only access platform.

ZTE NetSphere In-home Mesh Wi-Fi Solution

ZTE NetSphere In-home Mesh Wi-Fi Solution, with its various types of smart gateways (PON/xDSL/5G FWA) and APs, helps operators deploy smart home networks with the following features: EasyMesh Complied, Plug & Play, network self-healing, and seamless roaming.

POL Solution

POL is a new type of LAN networking solution based on PON technology. It builds on an FTTx architecture to incorporate different services including data, voice, video and wireless access into one optical network. Moreover, it is technologically optimized to work in application scenarios like enterprise, schools, hotels, apartments and smart campuses.

ODN Solution

ZTE ODN solution is committed to the scientific network planning, rapid construction method and forefront product innovation. ZTE has been providing end-to-end ODN network solutions to more than 50 countries to help customers build more optimized fiber networks.

eMonitor Solution

ZTE eMonitor Solution is a dedicated platform that monitors fiber networks in real-time and pinpoints fiber faults efficiently. ZTE eMonitor Solution consists of EMS and eOMU. The former implements test fiber data collection and analysis, test control, health database storage and comparison, GIS information query, and fiber port information query. The latter consists of an OTDR module, an OSW and couplers for fiber network monitoring.

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